Svenska Yle 31.10.12: MTV Medias ex-översättare sade upp sig (in Swedish)

Hufvudstadsbladet 21.10.12: Drabbad: MTV3:s översättare slängs ut i kylan (in Swedish)

TorrentFreak 19.10.12: Netflix Caught Using Pirated Subtitles in Finland

Wall Street Journal 3.10.12: Lost in Translation, Found in Subtitles

A blog about multimedia translation

A story about the audiovisual translators' campaign rally in Helsinki 28.5.2010

Goodbye Quality (?), a great text about quality in audiovisual translation and some experiences in translators standing up for it

No Peanuts! for Translators - a blog for professional translators and interpreters demanding and receiving a living wage for their work

July 10 issue of newsletter Más y Más dedicated to the topic Dubbing vs subtitling (pdf, in English)

Comments on Jean-Luc Godard's use of scanty subtitles in his film Film Socialisme. Agnès Poirier, The Guardian 20.05.2010

Wendell Ricketts: Toxic Translation: A Twelve-Step Program for Self-Injuring Translators (March 2010)

Wall Street Journal 29.2.2008: What Makes Finnish Kids So Smart?

Times Online 19.3.2007: The greatest stories ever filmed (mangled by outsourced subtitles)

Times Online 19.3.2007: Here's Looking At You, Baby Goat

People want to read subtitles also in Britain, as BBC news reports. The comments at the bottom are worth reading, too. 31.3.2006


AVTE - Audiovisual Translators Europe

SUBTLE - an organization formed by professional subtitlers to promote high-quality subtitling and to maintain standards of professionalism within the industry; based in the UK



Kristiina Abdallah: Why Do We Experience Quality-related Problems in Production Networks? Reconstructing an Actor Network in the Subtitling Industry

Danan: Captioning and Subtitling: Undervalued Language Learning Strategies (2004)

Maria da Conceição Condinho Bravo: Putting the Reader in the Picture: Screen Translation and Foreign-Language Learning (2008)

Katja Aulavuori: Effects of the digital subtitling software on the subtitling process: A survey among Finnish professional television subtitlers (2008)


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