Pre-Text signed the collective agreement


Kati Metsola, the CEO of the Finnish translation company Pre-Text, signed on 28 February the collective agreement of Finnish AV translators working for translation companies.

The multinational company SDI Media participated in the negotiations till the end, but declined signing the agreement at the last minute to the great vexation of its translators. The multinational company Broadcast Text International was present in the negotiations to start with but soon after pulled out from the negotiations.

The translators were represented in the negotiations by the Union of Journalists in Finland, Akava Special Branches/Translation Industry Professionals.

- The new agreement is a step in the right direction! It is, of course, a shame that two big AV translation companies are outside the agreement. We will soon see how YLE reacts to the new agreement and whether it will co-operate with the translation company which signed it, said Petri Savolainen, director at the Union of Journalists in Finland.

The agreement is for two years from 1 March 2011 to 30 September 2013. Minimum salaries and fees will, however,  become binding in January 2012.