Freelancers sent a letter to YLE


Finnish freelance translators working for AV translation companies sent a letter on 27 January to Finland's national broadcasting company YLE. The letter was signed by 135 translators.

In the letter to YLE the translators expressed a concern for the development in the field and asked that YLE use fair criteria when it decides which translation company/companies it co-operates with in the future. The translators hoped that the price of the translations would not be the most important factor: that the working conditions of the translators and the quality of the translations would weigh in more than a low price.

The Union of Journalists in Finland, Akava Special Branches and The Finnish Association of Translators and Interpreters have also been in contact with YLE.

YLE (and the commercial channel MTV3) mostly uses its own monthly paid employees and its freelancers for its translation work. These translators are paid according to the so called Yhtyneet collective agreement. According to the agreement 300 hours worth of programmes may be translated by other than Yhtyneet-translators.