Progress in negotiations with audiovisual translation agencies


Negotiations concerning minimum terms of employment for translators working for SDI Media and Pre-Text continued on December 14th 2010 in the facilities of The Union of Journalists in Finland. Details that are still open are now around ten. Negotiations will continue on January 31st 2011.


During the negotiations there was much discussion about the scope of the new agreement. The representatives of the translators argued that it is an imperative precondition for the continuation of the negotiations that the domestic television channels are within its scope. It is not possible to create an agreement covering the whole field if the prospective agreement would only apply to, for example, work commissioned by Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE.

The objective of gaining a generally binding collective agreement was another issue that was discussed. The agreement would cover all translation work done as an employee in audiovisual translation agencies. There is a desire for a generally binding agreement on both sides of the table.

Of the details of the agreement around ten points are still open. One of these is minimum wages and fees. The translators' motion is based on existing collective agreements in which the price of translation work has been regulated. According to the motion the minimum monthly wage of a time-based translator would be 2,970 euros and a translator-editor's 3,284 euros.

A freelance translator's fee per subtitle should be at least 1,20 euros when translating into Finnish and 1,51 euros when translating from Finnish into another language. A proposal of sheet-based fees has also been presented regarding dubbing and voice-overs. The fee for hourly-based work would be 20 euros per hour.

The motion covering reruns was left to be defined by the translators before the next meeting. The larger negotiating parties will meet on January 31st 2011.