Finnish universities worried about AV translators’ working conditions and pay


Section V (teachers and researchers) of the Finnish Association of Translators and Interpreters has sent a letter to AV translation agencies and Finnish television channels, expressing their concern about the current situation in the field:

"The departments of translation studies in universities have seen how the AV translation field has been going downhill for years. High education does not guarantee even a basic income for AV translators anymore. Competition gets harder all the time, and the prices have been beaten down to an intolerably low level.

AV translation is a popular field of specialisation among students, but educating students to an unhealthy market is not sensible. AV translation studies and research have been developed ambitiously in universities. This does not make sense if the translators do not benefit from their education.

During this spring, AV translation agencies and translators working as subcontractors have finally started striving for common rules. This is a good opening for improving the situation in the field. The progression of the negotiations has been followed closely in universities. We encourage all parties in the negotiations to seek for a solution in order to secure a sustainable development in the AV translation field. It is in the interest of all parties that one can get one’s livelihood from working as an AV translator and that motivated and educated professionals seek work in the field.

We hope that television channels as well take responsibility for the situation and appreciate professional translators and their education.

The Finnish Association of Translators and Interpreters
Section V, teachers and researchers
Tuija Kinnunen, Chair"

The letter was received by:

Broadcast Text International

Kirsi Airos, Operations Manager

Paula Kaurismäki, Sales Manager

SDI Media

Pekka Salo, Operations Manager


Kati Metsola, Managing Director


Olli-Pekka Heinonen, Director, YLE Documentary and Culture

Christoffer Forssell, Manager, YLE Translation and Versioning


Antero Hoffman, Technical Director

Mika Koskinen, Logistics Manager

Maria Stenbäck, Editorial Manager

Nelonen Media

Hans Edin President

Kristiina Werner-Autio, Senior Vice President, Commercially funded TV

Elina Pentinsaari, Deputy Vice President

Miia Lillberg, Senior Vice President, Finance

Pia Kalsta, Senior Vice President, Marketing and Sales


Jarmo Kalliola, Managing Director

Tiina Sailavuo, Program Director

TV Viisi

Jonas Sjögren, Managing Director

Sami Vikbacka, COO

Mervi Rouvinen, Vice President, programming

Heidi Tammiruusu, Commercial Director