Finnish freelancers and university staff demand that Broadcast Text continues negotiations


A letter has been sent to Broadcast Text International containing a demand from 64 freelancers working for the company. Freelancers want Broadcast Text International to continue collective agreement negotiations. Their letter contains the following:

"We freelance translators working for Broadcast Text International want to express our dissatisfaction about our current fees and terms of employment. We feel that the current fees and terms do not guarantee us a decent income.

We insist that representatives of BTI continue collective labour agreement negotiations in a constructive manner. The aim of the negotiations is to agree on fair terms of employment in our field. Establishing minimum terms for employment in the field also creates a base for calculating the correct fees for genuine entrepreneurship.

We request that you will contact the Union of Journalists in Finland by the end of May. We have learned that the collective agreement negotiations will continue with SDI Media and Pre-Text on June 9th 2010.

We wish that our collaboration can continue in a constructive manner."

Freelancers get support from all Finnish universities where Translation Studies are being taught. Sixteen staff members from the universities of Helsinki, Eastern Finland, Tampere, Turku and Vaasa have approached Broadcast Text with their own statement:

"Dear management of Broadcast Text,

we are concerned about the information that Broadcast Text has opted out of negotiations between translation agencies and translators after the company found it impossible to use Yhtyneet Agreement as a starting point for negotiations. We are supporting the letter where freelance translators insist on the company to continue negotiations with other parties in a genuine and constructive manner. Based on our knowledge the negotiations with the two other translation agencies will continue on June 9th 2010.

    Outi Paloposki, professor, University of Helsinki
    Juha Eskelinen, university teacher, University of Helsinki
    Johanna Hirvonen, amanuensis, University of Helsinki
    Riitta Jääskeläinen, professor, University of Eastern Finland
    Kristiina Abdallah, university teacher, University of Eastern Finland
    Minna Kumpulainen, university teacher, University of Eastern Finland
    Päivi Pasanen, university teacher, University of Eastern Finland
    Anne Rautiainen, university teacher, University of Eastern Finland
    Tutta Turpeinen, university teacher, University of Eastern Finland
    Kaisa Koskinen, professor, University of Tampere
    Tiina Tuominen, lecturer and researcher, University of Tampere
    Yves Gambier, professor, University of Turku
    Kalle Konttinen, lecturer, University of Turku
    Leena Salmi, lecturer, University of Turku
    Sirkku Aaltonen, professor, University of Vaasa
    Aira Thölix, lecturer, University of Vaasa

Broadcast Text International left the collective agreement negotiations between three largest audiovisual translation agencies and their freelance translators in the beginning of May. Negotiations with SDI Media and Pre-Text continue on June 9th 2010."