Softitler’s DVD translation tariffs to be reduced by over a third?


Softitler recently announced that the rates it offers its freelance translators are to be reduced. The company specializing in DVD translations refers to the current economic climate and deems it necessary to cut costs in order to meet market demands and to expand its client base.

In pursuance of these goals, the current practice of paying per subtitle is subject to change. In the future, translators may be paid per video minute. The DVD translation projects Softitler gives its Finnish translators are subsequent translations, which are spotted according to the first, often English, translation. This results in a higher number of subtitles than a translation done according to Finnish standards would contain.

It appears that in practice the rates are to drop by a minimum of 15 to 30 per cent. The payments are made in US dollars and are thus subject to fluctuating exchange rates, which affect the value of the payment.

Softitler is a multinational translation agency based in Hollywood and a part of Deluxe Entertainment Services Group Inc, which is one of the world's leading film distributors.