in English - Finnish Audiovisual Translators


This site was created to build professional pride for audiovisual translators and to encourage fair play in the field of audiovisual translation - in Finland and internationally.

The creators of this site believe that a fair player is a company that

  • commits to a collective labour agreement
  • respects translators' copyrights
  • draws fair and unambiguous contracts
  • shows both personal and financial respect to translators
  • contributes to translators' proficiency and gives constructive feedback
  • promotes the unionisation of translators
  • cooperates with trade unions
  • promotes company openness and translators' team spirit
  • offers an appropriate amount of paid practical training whenever possible


The English section of this site is being developed slowly but surely. Check back again later for more information. Please feel free to contact us with feedback or questions. You can also join the discussion online.